Hello BRAnD...

Six months after the birth of my second child I looked up from tireless motherhood and I realized that I was "broke", bored, and BOTTOMED OUT.

Who was this girl looking at me in the mirror?

I didn't recognize her... she was ugly, scared, and overwhelmed. Four years of pregnancy, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and more breastfeeding had taken its toll.

I wanted out of everything. I wanted to quit being a VA, pass on entrepreneurship, hire a nanny, and run as far away as I could from my husband. But I'm not a quitter... I'm a fighter!!!

I worked "hard" to manifest this life, this was what I wanted right. Many women would kill to be a stay at home mom with no need for a job... to have their husband pay all their bills. What was wrong with me?

Where was that stylish sexy girl? The one who had ALL THE FUN.

I desperately had to reconnect with her. And so I did. When I finally caught up to her I realized she had changed. She didn't fit into her clothes like she used too. She had grown from a girl into a QUEEN.

So I took on the challenge of getting to know this new woman intimately. What was she like? What lit her up?

I remember so vividly the day I looked into the mirror and saw the mask fall.


I knew exactly who I was and I fell in love with the woman looking back at me.

My life was no longer defined by them. It was mine. 

And my BRAND was born. Sexy, confident, smart, caring, abundant, effortless and strong. Today I am more of myself than at any point in my life. Now I wake up every day and have the honor of helping other women emerge beautifully from their cocoons. Fully awakened and free.

Every moment of my life has perfectly aligned to bring me to now. And all of those pieces work together to build a brand that I have cultivated to exist whether I try or not. Because branding to me is a 360 experience in every direction. It's not something I just show up as online because my brand and I are one... it's simply a lifestyle. 

A gorgeously amazing lifestyle!!! Are you ready to live yours?

If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.
— Scott Stratten
You too are a brand. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not.
— Mark Ecko

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